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This website has been prepared so that it is still relevant when things open up and function as they did before the pandemic.  Currently many face to face Services and Groups are just starting up again but there is still some way to go  before we get to normality.  Online, telephone, meeting outside and other ways of working mean that some services and groups are continuing in alternative ways.  If you can’t find information about what is happening with the Group or Service you are interested in on the NEWS page please use the website links and contact details given to find out what the current situation is.

What Is Help For Mental Health North Dorset?

As someone who has had mental health problems I realise that when it comes to finding information it should be as easy as possible.  It might be that you don’t even know what to search for or who or what might be able to help.  You may not even know if what you feel is a mental health issue.

I have brought together national and local information about organisations who can help if you have any mental health concerns onto one website.  I have found that ‘googling’ or similar does not always bring up all the useful information that there is out there and I think having national and local organisations on the same website could be helpful.   I hope to make it clear exactly who the different groups can help if it is not obvious from the name.   I hope to update the site regularly and along with the news page keep everyone informed about the help that is available in whatever form that is.


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Lockdowns gave me the opportunity to get this website developed to complement my activities as the Facilitator of the Shaftesbury Peer Support Group for People with Mental Health Difficulties which I started in April 2018.  This was suspended for a while and then we met outside in the summers of 2020 and 2021 and Zoomed a bit in the winters.  We are now back to meeting in person and a new Gillingham Group has started with Jane as facilitator.  Look on the News and Peer Support Group pages to keep up to date with details.  We are a friendly bunch of mixed ages, gender and diagnoses who meet for mutual support, company and information.  Jane and I facilitate the groups to make sure everyone is ok with how it is going.

The Mental Health North Dorset Help and Peer Support Association was formed at a meeting on 4th November 2020.  The Management Committee consists of myself as Chairperson, Jude Lask as Treasurer, Jane Mongini as Secretary and Melanie Costas (CEO of Rural Mental Health Matters) as Committee Member.

Members of the Association are those people that have filled in a Registration Form for the Peer Support Groups and all those individuals and organisations who subscribe via the website.

Subscription is free and you will receive a newsletter once a month about the Association’s activities, highlights from the website NEWS page and extra news, observations, explanations and illustrations.


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