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Click on the left for Somerset and Wiltshire and Help Break the Stigma (campaigning, volunteering and learning).   It is hard to keep the information on this website completely up to date.  If you can’t find information about what is happening with the Service you are interested in on the NEWS page (searchable) please use the website links and contact details given to find out the current situation.  If you find mistakes or information is out of date please let us know!

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What Is Help For Mental Health?

As someone who has had mental health problems I realise that when it comes to finding information it should be as easy as possible.  It might be that you don’t even know what to search for or who or what might be able to help.  You may not even know if what you feel is a mental health issue or just want to keep well with activities and self-care.

I have brought together national and local information about organisations who can help if you have any questions about mental health and wellbeing and live in North Dorset and beyond.  I have found that being on the county borders means finding out what help is available is harder and I think having national and local organisations on the same website is helpful.   


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The website started in the summer of 2020 as a project of the Mental Health North Dorset Help and Peer Support Association which ceased in June 2023.  I continue to research and provide the content and update the news.

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(previously Chair of MHND HAPS)


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