Tested Apps for Children and Young People


New database of tested Apps on the Our Dorset Webpage & Dorset Youth Association

Self-care & wellbeing apps for Young People

You can support young people to take care of their mental health and wellbeing with the use of these tried and tested free self-care apps.

We know there are hundreds of apps available in the digital world, which can feel overwhelming for young people. But there are some apps that provide tools to help them look after their emotional wellbeing in a way that works for them.

What are the benefits of the apps included in the list, such as Tellmi, distract and Clear Fear?

✅ Safety: Each app on this list has been reviewed, ensuring it meets the required safety and data privacy standards. Parents and young users can trust that these apps are secure and reliable.

✅ Quality: It’s essential to provide young people with tools that are proven to be effective. We have carefully reviewed each app to ensure its capability in supporting young minds through difficult times.

✅ Variety: We understand that everyone’s mental health journey is unique. The list includes a wide range of apps that can support young people who may be feeling stressed or anxious, by providing steps to boost their mood, improve sleep and more.

✅ Free: All the apps on the list are free to download and use, making support easily accessible for everyone.

For the full list, visit the Our Dorset webpage or Dorset Youth Association, where you’ll discover a detailed breakdown of each app, including the specific benefits they offer. By understanding how each one works, young people and their parents can decide which apps best suit their needs.

Raising awareness about mental health and the support available is crucial. By encouraging the use of these free, fantastic resources, we can make a difference.

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