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Recovery Education Centre – Open Access Resources

The REC are asking for ideas about the topics, formats and ways in which they can build their library.

You can send an email to, telephone 01202 584478, complete a survey (Podcast survey or Video survey) or participate in the “Spotlight On: Open Access Resources” event on 16th September 12.00 noon – 1.00 pm

 Current Open Access Resources 


Podcasts are a great way to hear other people’s experiences, ideas and views. You can listen to them when doing jobs around the house, spending time in the garden, out for a walk or when in the car. How do you listen to podcasts?

 We have a range of topics including: Understanding Autistic Spectrum Condition, Bipolar and Having a Voice. Next term look out for updates in Fatigue Management and Finding Strength.

 Check them out at here.


“I’d often heard skills mentioned such as Grounding, or STOPP, but forget to use them or forget what they actually involved. The videos are short and easy to re-watch and can act as helpful reminders.”

 All our videos are on our YouTube channel and can be browsed here.

 Keep an eye out for recently added content on the Window of Tolerance and WiseMind. 


Sometimes it’s easier to apply things using pen and paper. All our worksheets are free to download from our webpage and can also be posted to you at your request. Examples include the: 5 Steps to Wellbeing Plan, Reflecting on Lockdown and Routine.



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