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What is on offer during the Pandemic?

Podcast  Listen to our trainers share thoughts about Recovery and  wellbeing.  For more information visit our webpage or Soundcloud account.
VideoPrefer something shorter?  Our videos are co-developed and have been created to provide  visual explanations and examples of how skills might be used. For more    information click here to visit YouTube.
Standard Access Webinar  *Some of our learners prefer the structure of attending a course or a session.  Our standard webinars provide just this and allow students to use a ‘chat function’ to share their thoughts and learning with other students as in this format students have webcams and mics switched off).  For more  information click here.
Enhanced Access Webinar  *Enhanced webinars encourage students to have their webcams and audio  turned on in order to promote more of a discussion so that they feel more like our recovery education classrooms.
Study Groups  *This learning platform encourages students, with their webcams and audio turned on, to come together and reflect on their experience of different subject areas and topics to share with each other to further enhance their understanding of Recovery. For more information contact us.
Home Learning PacksLots of our online learning resources accompany a home study workbook. Prior access or attendance are not  necessary. For more information contact us.
For more information about 
The Recovery Education Centre
Phone01202 584478Mobile 07787 836708
@dorsetrecoveryeducationRecovery Education Centre Hahnemann House Hahnemann Road Bournemouth Dorset BH2 5JW


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