Measures to be adopted for our meetings as outlined by the Shaftesbury Royal British Legion.

Health & Safety (H&S)

“The pandemic risk has not gone away.  As of now 73% of UK adults had been double-vaccinated, but only 14% of world adults.  Of our Legion branch membership 40% is over 80, and many are clinically vulnerable, as are most of those attending coffee mornings.  Many of our User Organisations cater for more elderly or vulnerable members of the local community.  To experience just one case of Covid infection risks the closure of the Hall, to the detriment of so many patrons. 

A widely accepted study has found that the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus could survive for up to 4 hours on copper, 24 hours on cardboard, or up to 72 hours on steel and plastic, and it could also survive on banknotes, clothing, and skin

For your safety and convenience the branch committee has therefore determined that several sensible measures are to be adopted by everyone using the Legion Hall.  As it is not possible for the branch to monitor compliance with these restrictions, it is entirely incumbent on the senior organiser of each User Group to ensure that the following safety measures are applied.

  • No-one is to enter the Hall who has not been double-vaccinated, except for those medically excused, or under 18s who have not yet been jabbed.
  • Those experiencing Covid symptoms, or isolating for any reason should not enter the Hall.
  • On entry everyone is to wear a mask, register their entry and sanitise hands with the gel provided. Masks may be taken off when sitting down.
  • Sensible spacing is to be adopted as far as possible within the indoor area, using a suitable table and chair layout.  The committee room may be used for overspill.
  • Occupancy levels are to be controlled to within sensible proportions in the Hall.  A maximum of forty people may attend for any single session.
  • Crowding or lingering at key service points is to be avoided
  • Tables are to be kept clear of all unnecessary items, e.g. table displays, menus, flowers, except that presenters may display at top tables.
  • After each session all table, kitchen and toilet surfaces are to be sanitised and wiped down, using the materials provided.  These will include disinfectant substances, absorbent paper rolls, and disposable gloves and lightweight aprons. Refuse is to be double-bagged and disposed of safely in the bins which will be cleared regularly.
  • Disposable cups and plates will be available for Users wishing to provide food and drink during the session. 
  • Hand washing facilities in the kitchen and toilets are to be kept fully stocked.
  • Good ventilation is a key deterrent for the spread of the air-borne virus. Window lock keys are available in the kitchen to open all windows.
  • Hall Fire Doors at the Tesco end may be opened for extra ventilation if the weather allows.
  • Posters and notices will be displayed covering the strict rules to prevent the risks of infection from COVID-19 at the point of entry and throughout the premises.
  • There will be a regular review of these H&S measures, which will be relaxed as soon as the risk diminishes.”

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