Op COURAGE – NHS for Veterans Service

The Blackmore Vale Partnership reported:

“We know we have many serving and ex military personnel in our area. We are looking to build open our registration as a Veteran Friendly Practice. We hope to have a support group up and running in the very near future, but we thought you might like to see the new service within the NHS for Veterans.”

The NHS has launched Op COURAGE:

The Veterans Mental Health and Wellbeing Service, the new overarching name for the three NHS veterans mental health services (Veteran’s Mental Health Transition, Intervention and Liaison Service (TILS), Veteran’s Mental Health Complex Treatment Service (CTS) and Veteran’s Mental Health High Intensity Service (HIS)). The new name has been developed by veterans and their families and is intended to make the services easier to find and access.

Veterans can self-refer or be referred by their GP, a charity or family or friends to access specialist care through this single route.

More than 13,000 veterans have benefitted from specialist care for problems such as anxiety and depression and almost 2,000 have received help for more complex problems such as PTSD.

The NHS Veterans Mental Health High Intensity Service (HIS) for veterans needing urgent help who are in mental health crisis has been trialled in some regions since October 2020. As part of the wider Op COURAGE service offer, it is now being rolled out across the country, with those needing urgent receiving a same day referral. Contact details are available via the above link.

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