Mind, Brain, Body CIC, (MBB) Gillingham based, young people.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Natalia who is the founder of this company at Socially Connecting Shaftesbury in the Town Hall.  I love the idea of Lego therapy (she is qualified to do this!)

“The company is called Mind,Brain, Body cic but I like to call it MBB. MBB is a start-up community interest company that aims to raise awareness of mental health issues amongst young people while supporting young people to maintain their mental health and overall wellbeing through the use of arts and sports interventions. We look at the individual as a whole while understanding the importance of the connection between the mind, brain and the body. We believe in the power of arts and sports in positive well-being.
Mission & Vision:
Vision: A world where all young people are healthy in mind and body.
Purpose: To raise the awareness of Mental Health issues amongst young people. To support young people to maintain their mental health and overall well-being.
Mission: Through selling eco-friendly products (e.g. such t-shirts, tote bags etc.), open up community centres that will allow young people to get together, gain support, and take part in the interactive activities (e.g. creative arts, playing Lego and physical activity) that will maintain their mental health and overall well being. Eco-friendly products will help to support and enhance the importance of environment around us.”
Instagram & Facebook (@mindbrainbodycic),  Linkedin If anyone would like to get involved they can email me at or if have any questions at
A fantastic enterprise and we are lucky to have Natalia in North Dorset.  If you would like to help young people with mental health then get in touch.
Download the leaflet here: leaflet MBB

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