Light On

Light On is a life-changing campaign launching across Dorset to tackle the stigma of talking about mental distress and emotional struggle – particularly among men.

A network of organisations including local businesses, the public sector, and charities including Dorset Mind have joined forces to build mental wellbeing together and put an end to men dealing with mental health difficulties alone. Light On urges men to go beyond banter and talk openly about how they are feeling and whether they are coping. It aims to train champions and ambassadors to spread this message across the whole of Dorset reaching men where they work, exercise, socialise and live.

Local businesses will be encouraged to join the campaign as it gains momentum to share the message to ‘turn your light on’ and give permission to someone to have a conversation about mental health.

Andrew Coleman, founder of Light On says, “It is time to put an end to the silent struggle among men because of the stigma about talking when you’re not coping very well. This silence is leading to pain, suffering and suicide – and it has to stop. This campaign will save people’s lives because it will make it OK for people to have a conversation and ask for help. It will transform the way Dorset people, men in particular; deal with mental health and mental health difficulty. We want as many people as possible to share our message and to get involved. We want thousands of people to ‘turn their Light on’ with us.

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