Dorset HealthCare (DHC), NHS Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group, Help & Care and Age UK are delighted to announce the launch of the new Dementia Services pathway from 1st April 2021.

A number of new services will launch and existing services will offer an increased provision of support for people with dementia and their families and carers.

The Dementia Services include

· Memory Assessment Service (DHC) – for the assessment of memory problems and diagnosis of dementia. This will now include dedicated neuropsychology for more complex diagnoses. In addition MAS will offer emotional wellbeing courses for carers.

· Dementia Co-ordinators (Help & Care) – for post diagnostic support for people with a diagnosis of dementia and their families and carers. This will include a dedicated Early Onset (younger) Dementia provision, as well as Dementia Roadshows offering information on dementia to local people and agencies.

· Cognitive Stimulation Therapy – (Age UK) an evidence based therapy for people with a diagnosis of dementia (any sub type).

In addition, DHC continues to provide Older Adult Community Mental Health services which can be accessed via existing referral processes for behavioural and psychological problems in dementia or functional mental illness for older adults. DHC also continue to provide county wide provision of Intermediate Care Service for Dementia (dementia crisis), encompassing dementia day hospital provision. Access to this service remains via the OPCMHT’s. Alderney Hospital continues to be the dementia inpatient assessment and treatment site.

Please note the provision of services will remain in line with Government guidelines in respect of COVID 19 and some services will be an online offer unless otherwise clinically indicated until restrictions are eased.

As of 1st April 2021, the Alzheimer’s Society will no longer provide the Memory Support and Advisory (Memory Gateway) service. All new referrals for an assessment and diagnosis of memory problems (possible dementia) for people aged over 18 will now be made directly to the Memory Assessment Service. There will now be a single point of access (SPOA) for referrals into the MAS. They will be triaged by a clinician to be seen either by an Advanced Clinical Practitioner if the diagnosis is likely to be non-complex or by a neuropsychologist or a Consultant Psychiatrist if likely to be complex. The Memory Assessment Service will undertake an assessment and provide a diagnosis of the memory problem.

For people diagnosed with a dementia, they will offer them a referral to the new post diagnostic support Dementia Co-ordinator Service provided by Help & Care. Each person with dementia will be offered a Dementia Co-ordinator from diagnosis to end of life. In addition, everyone diagnosed with a dementia will also be offered Cognitive Stimulation Therapy, provided by Age UK. To access the services: · For an assessment of memory problems – GP’s can refer people to the new service. Clinicians working in acute hospital settings or Dorset HealthCare can also make direct referrals via completing the enclosed referral form and emailing to

If a person is not already known to / not currently open to dementia services and already has a diagnosis of dementia, anyone can make a referral to the Dementia Co-ordinator Service (Help & Care), or to Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (Age UK), you can do so via: Dementia Co-ordinator Service (Help & Care) 0300 123 1916 or via Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (Age UK) 01305 269444 or via for North, South and West Dorset.

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