Horserenity in Blandford

I came across this which looks amazing.  It is a CIC and therefore not for profit but I don’t know the cost.  They offer a free taster session.


“At Horserenity we create a safe environment for our learners to spend time with the horses.

Horses are non judgmental and will listen to a heart beat from 4 feet away, they read from the inside out and work in a non judgemental way to bring calm and understanding.

You might spend time grooming, joining with the herd at liberty, working with your energy in the round pen, drawing, reflecting, leading a horse through your own life’s ‘obstacles’, learning about the physiology of the horse.

We are lead by your needs and will build a tailored programme to help you achieve your goals.

We spend time facilitating interactions with the horses to help people who are struggling with life whether that be life at home or at work. Horses can give a fresh perspective and bring a sense of calm that leads to improved mental well being.

We work with adults, young adults and children who suffer from low self esteem and confidence and have disengaged with life.

We facilitate team leadership and communication days for corporate teams who are wanting to improve their cohesiveness and productivity.

We also run family programmes where we work with every aspect of the relationships between family members.”

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