Mental Health North Dorset Help and Peer Support would like to wish everyone subscribing to or coming across this website a Happy New Year.

Christmas can be a hard time for many and coronavirus isn’t exactly helping but we can look forward to a new start.

Rather than, or as well as giving something up as a resolution try and resolve to do something good, enjoyable and healthy that counts as self-care and can be looked forward to.

The Peer Support Group will be meeting on Thursday 6th January and then on Wednesday 26th January Amanda will be in Shaftesbury Town Hall for the monthly Socially Connecting Shaftesbury event to which all are invited. There will probably be a peer support group on 20th January but we may move from the Grosvenor Arms due to the pedestrianisation of the High Street (many of us are disabled) and because The Grosvenor does not accept cash for drinks anymore which is a problem for some.

There are many possible projects in the pipeline for 2022 following all the contacts made in 2021 and we look forward to developing these – watch this space.

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