Gillingham Royal Forest Update

The work by Dorset Wildlife Trust in partnership with many other partners and made possible thanks to the National Lottery Heritage Fund resumed in May 2021. “The project aims to restore, reconnect and interpret a historic landscape, working with the local community, landowners and managers for the benefit of people and wildlife”. “Access to the countryside has never felt more important for both physical and mental health and so encouraging people to get involved and help look after, improve and protect our natural heritage is a great way for us to see this project develop together. In creating or re-establishing the Gillingham Royal Forest as a concept for the area, we champion an area that is rich in wildlife and highlight how important green spaces are not only to the flora and fauna within, but also for the well-being of the increasing population of Gillingham.

Project partners are putting together a programme for autumn/winter and spring, that includes volunteer opportunities and Gillingham Royal Forest events.

You can keep up to date by signing up to the e-newsletter (visit or by keeping an eye on social media and find out more about the project on our website.”

If you are interested in general volunteering see

Note from Amanda – I will let them know about MHND HAPS and hope to join the long list of organisations involved.

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