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Together with the recent announcement from Dorset Mind’s Mind Your head programme that it is coming to Shaftesbury, Rendezvous who are based in Sherborne are bringing outreach services to our area.

Rendezvous say:

“We’re delighted to welcome Rebecca Jobling to the team. Rebecca who will lead the new Rendezvous Shaftesbury outreach project is a well-known face in the town and brings with her lots of youth work experience.

Rebecca was youth worker in charge at Toby’s for several years before the Shaftesbury equivalent to the Rendezvous sadly closed some years ago. She has experience of delivering outreach sessions, arts projects and general youthwork and lots of energy and enthusiasm.

Rebecca is clearly multi-talented – she is a singer in her own right and runs her own vocal coaching businesses and is also a trained and experienced Arts Award trainer (to Gold level) and we are keen to use her skills and talents to help young people find their voice as the project develops. Exciting times ahead!”

Meet on the streets: Shaftesbury

In January Rendezvous reported on their service in Gillingham

“If you are a bit too old for youth club or you can’t get to one of our venues, we have teams of Rendezvous staff who meet young people in the streets or parks in different towns. 

The regular Gillingham outreach project is currently on hold because of the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions but we will be back as soon as we can. New for 2021 will be the use of the new Council Community room so we can split the sessions offering a base for more in-depth targeted work. 

A big thanks as always goes to the Gillingham Town Council for funding this project which kickstarted our work in this part of the county. We now also run a Gillingham Young Parents project, provide learning opportunities and have plans to provide more support for young people in the area. The support of the Council has been invaluable throughout.”

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