Digital Public Engagement Group

“Recent years and the past year in particular, have seen a remarkable change in the ways we shop, teach and work. Similarly, the way we attend hospital and GP appointments has also changed, with many of our health and wellbeing services moving to consultations by phone, video and online.

The NHS in Dorset has been developing new digital applications to support our services in many different ways and we believe it is vital the views of our patients, carers and the wider public have the opportunity to provide their views and feedback on what we are planning now, and how these online services will be provided in future.

For this reason a new Digital Public Engagement Group is being formed, we are looking for a range of ages, locations and experience as well as members who may have one or more existing long term conditions so they truly have an insight into how these technologies might affect them and help to manage or monitor their condition to enable them to live well.

To find out more and/or to register your interest – please go to

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