Closure of the Dorchester Retreat (Temporary)

Tracey Marshall, crisis and acute community services manager at Dorset HealthCare, said that while the temporary closure is ‘disappointing for people who access this service’, she noted that people will be signposted to where they can access alternative support.

Is “disappointing for people” the understatement of the year!!!!

What alternative support? Is a question that has to be asked. Apparently “the Retreat centres” (WELL, THERE IS ONLY ONE NOW IN BOURNEMOUTH SO THAT PLURAL IS WRONG!), Community Front Rooms (part-time, 4 late afternoon/evenings out of 7 and in 4 towns in the whole of Dorset) and 24/7 Dorset Connections helpline – great but the telephone is sometimes not enough.

Mrs Marshall said: “The Retreat in Dorchester is temporarily closing for face-to-face drop-ins from October 1 until the new year due to some immediate staffing issues”

Whilst the closure is very sad this response took my breath away!

Thanks to HUGS The Evening Echo for bringing this news.

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