ADHD Awareness Month

Yes, a bit late to post this because it was October!

But Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is such an important subject and one personal to me as I have a family member with ADHD. There are so many misconceptions about it and I would like to dispel just a few. It is very badly portrayed in the media as a problem for naughty boys and parents ‘opting out’ and resorting to pills.

So, some things I know:

  • It is demonstrable on brain scans.
  • Many people have the inattentive type (not hyperactive in a physical sense) which is much harder to spot and is often missed at school (my experience).
  • It affects girls just as much as boys.
  • Underachievement is common and perceived intelligence may not be see in exam results (also my experience).
  • It is classed as a psychiatric condition and is officially diagnosed by a psychiatrist.
  • Adults have ADHD, not just children.
  • is a great course to learn more about it by Kings College London.

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