Young People’s Advisory Group, McPin Foundation

“The McPin Foundation is a mental health research charity. We believe research is done best when it involves people with relevant personal experience that relates to the research being carried out.”

Young People’s Advisory Group

McPin Foundation

“We are currently welcoming applications from people between 13 & 21 years old to become members of a new Young People’s Advisory Group (aka YPAG!), which will work with both us at McPin and Kings College London’s Centre for Society & Mental Health. This is an amazing opportunity to be involved in really important and interesting research. We are particularly keen to hear from people between 13 – 16!

Some key information:

  • This is a paid role
  • The YPAG will usually meet every few months (over Zoom) to learn about and advise on children and young people’s mental health research, as well as shape the wider activities of the McPin Young People’s Network.
  • Members also get involved in between meetings by completing tasks over email, phone calls, and across our digital platforms.
  • You must be between 13 – 21 to apply, and live in England.”

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