What if treating trauma in the body could in turn treat the mind?

“Anyone who has tried to get treatment or support through the NHS for mental health issues related to trauma knows just how much of an uphill struggle it is. My dad, who actually works within NHS mental health services has given me plenty of insight over the years into just how much the sector is struggling to meet demand, and that ultimately many of those working within it are often powerless to do the very thing that drew them to the job in the first place, help people.” Bryony Porteous-Sebouhian in Mental Health Today.

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The “holistic complex trauma programme – “I was notified by my GP practice that they were going to be offering places on a ‘holistic complex trauma programme’. This programme, the first of its kind in the country, would attempt to identify and ‘treat’ the physical symptoms of trauma through various interventions: from acupuncture to green social prescribing exercises like foraging, in the hopes that this would in turn, alleviate the psychological symptoms of trauma, not entirely, but enough so that they’re easier to manage.”

I would thoroughly recommend subscribing to Mental Health Today – it is free and has a tremendous amount of news and information.

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