Spokz People wellbeing community and programme

The Spokz People Wellbeing Community and Programme is a mental health platform for disabled people and those with health conditions and their families, now partnered with Disability Horizons

Spokz People CIC (community interest company) is a not-for-profit organisation and social enterprise that provides mental health and wellbeing support to disabled people and their families.

Over the years, the organisation has provided 1-2-1 therapy, coaching and psychoeducation on everything from relationships and sex to confidence, managing challenging situations and resilience.

What makes Spokz People’s online wellbeing programme and community unique and beneficial to disabled people is that you can receive support from peers and therapists who have direct or indirect personal experience with disability.

Everybody’s impairment is different, but Spokz People understands the common themes of isolation, proving yourself, rejection, exclusion and the difficulty of getting and maintaining relationships.

Spokz People is developing a different type of therapy to what is generally available on the NHS through a GP referral or from general private counsellors.

Spokz People knows that many problems disabled people face are not just as a result of their impairments, but more to do with the fact that society is predominantly set up for non-disabled people.

The organisation looks at both a person’s impairment and all the factors that affect their ability to be a full and equal participant in society.”

There is lots available free online however there is a cost to participate in their programme. This is £200 (if you sign up for Disability Horizons newsletter this is reduced to £150 in a current offer) for those with an income of over £20,000. If you are on a low income then the cost ranges from £45 – £120.

I really recommend clicking on the links to find out more about this. As someone with mental health difficulties and disability I know how difficult it is for health and social services to understand.

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