Set Up to Fail Campaign – Money and Mental Health

“Our new research shows 100,000s of people experiencing high levels of mental distress may struggle to get the support they need from loved ones to manage their Universal Credit accounts and avoid sanctions.

That’s because needless flaws in the Universal Credit system make it too hard for people to nominate someone to help them. The system sets people up to fail when they need support. 

These problems are leaving people at risk of being cut off from Universal Credit during the pandemic, and are causing anguish for many.

This is one problem with Universal Credit that the government can easily fix. We’re calling on it to act now, so that anyone who needs help with Universal Credit can get it — instead of being #SetUpToFail.

Read more about these issues here, and sign our petition calling on government to act!

The report and campaign were kindly sponsored by Lloyds Bank Foundation for England & Wales.”

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