Senior Mental Health Lead in Schools

The Government has strongly advised (although it won’t be compulsory) that all schools and colleges should have a senior member of staff who is trained in mental aid in a holistic approach and in the prioritising of the mental wellbeing of pupils, students and staff. The training around mental health and wellbeing is seen as a method of safeguarding pupils, students and staff.

The training is being offered by The Department for Education (DfE), to every school and college in England. The DfE said that a “coordinated and evidence-informed approach to mental health and wellbeing in schools and colleges leads to improved pupil and student emotional health and wellbeing which can help readiness to learn.” The training will be supplied as part of a grant to educational establishments.

This is seen as a step in the right direction but there is much research showing that mental health in school children and students is of serious concern especially after the pandemic and more is needed.

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