A competition to find powerrul and empowering art for a new book has been launched by PTSD UK which will help support people with PTSD.

“We know how beneficial creating art can be for people with PTSD – whether it’s a poem, sculpture, photography, painting, illustration, doodle, or haiku; art therapy can help individuals find coping strategies and an internal strength to begin their healing process without having to relive experiences. (Read more about art therapy here…/ )

Sharing how PTSD can make you feel so others know they’re not alone in their thoughts, along with the hope that ‘Tomorrow CAN be a New Day’ can be so valuable for people affected by PTSD, so we want to compile your amazing artwork into a book – to help raise awareness of PTSD, and to fundraise for PTSD UK.

We’re looking for anyone affected by PTSD (that’s people with the condition, and their friends, family and loved ones) to enter and be part of this great book to inspire others and provide hope, understanding and empowerment in a new format.

Your art can be in any format that feels right for you, but as the winners will be included in a physical book, video/animations/music etc are not suitable. Your art might be ceramics, song lyrics, poetry, illustration, painting, sculpture, printmaking, graphic design, crafts, photography, or any other medium that helps you communicate what you want to say.

Find out more and enter today:

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