NHS England’s Stop SIM betrayal

Article by John Pring on the Disability News Service site – use link for full article.

“Grassroots groups and disabled activists spoke out this week after the decision of NHS England to prevent the release of a document drawn up with detailed input from members of the StopSIM coalition, who had worked “tirelessly” – without payment – on the policy.

The coalition had been working on the “rigorous and detailed” policy with NHS England (NHSE) after exposing the dangers posed by the multi-agency Serenity Integrated Mentoring (SIM) scheme.

But last Friday, Professor Tim Kendall (pictured), NHSE’s national clinical director for mental health, published only a short letter that had not been approved by the coalition and which stripped the policy “down to the bare minimum” and used the coalition’s words without its members’ consent (see separate story).”

If you don’t know about the so-called SIM scheme then please look it up – it is an absolutely horrendous scheme, actually scarcely believable to those of us who have had mental health problems or have had a family member or friend affected by mental illness then please find out about it.

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