MHF Dads and Football Project

The Mental Health Foundation and the Fatherhood Institute produce ‘Becoming Dad’ a guide to support new Dads

“Dads and Football, a 2-year project funded by the Wellcome Trust, in partnership with Cardiff City Football Club Community Foundation and Cardiff University’s National Centre for Mental Health, was created to support new dads in response to the inadequate provision that is currently available. While much is known about the changes experienced by mothers in relation to pregnancy and childbirth, from both mental and physical health perspectives, considerably less is known about the impact on dads and how they cope.

Initially taking the format of 5-a side football, bringing dads together through their love of ‘the beautiful game’ – the football games were quashed due to the pandemic and quickly replaced by online peer support sessions.  Dads and players from Cardiff City joined the groups to discuss how the life change had impacted them. 91 dads were also consulted on their views through an online survey.

This survey found that 70% of Dads want more information on what to expect when becoming a Dad. In response to the need expressed by Dads involved in the project, the Mental Health Foundation teamed up with the Fatherhood Institute to create ‘Becoming Dad’, a useful guide containing up-to-date research and information alongside lots of practical tips and advice.”
The ‘Becoming Dad’ guide is free and can be downloaded here

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