Don’t forget about Footsteps Festival Events are running all year. For free events in July go to:

Or briefly:

26th June En-Joy (Energy and the Joy Of You)

29th June Step Into Singing Block 2

30th June Zentangling

6th July Step Into Singing Block 2

7th July Zentangling

7th July Book Plug with Ian Taverner ‘Cookfulness’

10th July The Step

11th July Pet Show and Tell Social Gathering

13th July Step Into Singing Block 2

13th July Footsteps into Pilates

14th July Book Club reading ‘Behind The Scenes At The Museum’ Kate Atkinson

14th July Zentangling

16th July Coffee and Chat around the Globe

21st July Smart Phone Smart Photography with Jo Bradford

24th July En-Joy(Energy and the Joy Of You)

28th July Zentangling

4th August Zentangling

11th August Zentangling

There are also Static “Events”

The Discovery Zone (research into pain – the whys and wherefores)

Pets, People and Persistent Pain

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