Integrated Care Boards must have mental health expert

A Report from the Centre for Mental Health brings some good news.

All Integrated Care Boards will be required to include at least one member with expertise in mental health, thanks to a new amendment to legislation in Parliament.

“Centre for Mental Health welcomes the Government’s amendment. It should mean that every Integrated Care Board has at least one member with mental health expertise. This is vital to make ‘parity’ for mental health possible in local systems, with a place in the main decision-making body. Without it, mental health is too easily overlooked and undervalued.

Integrated Care Boards will have the power to improve mental health support in their areas and ensure investment is distributed fairly. They will also have an influence on the determinants of health and an important role in preventing illness. We hope that every Integrated Care Board will make mental health equality a priority in their area and listen to the views of citizens, communities and people using mental health services to make that a reality.”

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