Help from HMRC if you Need Extra Support

I found this whilst looking up something else on the HMRC website, not recent news but you may not know about it:

“Our principles of support for customers who need extra help were published on GOV.UK in November 2020, alongside the new HMRC Charter.

The principles set out our commitment to provide support to customers who need extra help who may have:

  • a disability or mental health condition
  • difficulties in their personal circumstances, such as a bereavement or separation
  • financial difficulties or may be undergoing compliance checks which are causing them stress and worry

The Extra Support Team have the appropriate skills, knowledge and empathy to provide support. They also signpost customers to voluntary and community sector organisations who can provide specialist help.

Our support service has been expanded across the department and into compliance. These steps go some way in addressing concerns that customers undergoing a compliance check might have extra support needs.

Customers can tell us they would like extra support, or we may identify their need from customer calls and letters. Find out how to get help and the extra support available on GOV.UK.

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) can help you if you need extra support because of your condition or circumstances. You might need extra support if:

  • you have dyslexia, autism or cognitive difficulties
  • you have reduced mobility or physical disabilities
  • you have sensory disabilities, like a visual, hearing or speech impairment
  • you have mental health conditions, like depression, stress or anxiety
  • you’re experiencing financial hardship – for example you cannot afford essentials like food, bills or rent
  • you’re a victim of domestic abuse, including economic abuse
  • you’re in hospital

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