Graceful resolve: Attitudes for navigating a psychological crisis


Navigating extreme states of psychological distress isn’t easy. Just thinking about it is quite hard. As someone with a diagnosis of bipolar, it’s territory I’ve traversed many times. By Amy Pollard

“The good thing about bipolar is that, because it’s a life-long condition, you get several bites at the cherry when it comes to making sense of these experiences and learning how to ride their waves. In the last piece I shared my interpretation of what hypomania [1] and psychosis are about, drawing on ethnographic fieldnotes I’ve been taking since 2006. Here, I’d like to offer my tuppence on how to navigate the choppy waters which bipolar folks may find themselves in. I’m basing this on my own experience, which obviously might differ from the experiences of other people.”

A fascinating article – perhaps useful for people with bipolar and fascinating to those without. Listen or read.

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