Government publication – Covid-19, mental health and wellbeing surveillance spotlights

  • adults with pre-existing mental health conditions are generally reporting worse levels of mental health and wellbeing than adults without pre-existing mental health conditions, but this gap has not grown over the course of the pandemic
  • the majority of respondents with mental health problems report that they are managing to cope, with a minority needing more support
  • adults with pre-existing mental health conditions appear to be at greater risk of death and hospitalisation from COVID-19 than the general population, but at lower risk than some other high-risk groups
  • one mental health trust has also reported a rise in non-COVID-19 related deaths among people who are, or have been in contact with their services, relative to the same period last year
  • while many adults are still accessing mental health services, there is some evidence of a shift from face-to-face to virtual care

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