Government Action Plan Updated

Updated 1 April 2021

“This plan for 2021 to 2022 sets out our most ambitious cross-government, whole-person approach to date to promote good mental health and support people living with mental illness to recover and live well. It builds on collaboration during the pandemic across government departments, health and care organisations, local government, and voluntary, community and private sector organisations to prevent and mitigate some of the most pressing impacts of COVID-19 on the nation’s mental health and wellbeing and support people who are struggling.

We want to prevent people from becoming unwell and to support them to recover. Additional funding will boost the capacity of NHS mental health services for those who need them in the coming year in the aftermath of the pandemic, and we will also invest specifically in training and upskilling the mental health workforce of the future who are essential to further expansion and improvement of services, as set out in the NHS Long Term Plan. But we are delighted that this will be backed by action from national and local government, the voluntary sector and private businesses.

While this plan sets out what government will do in the coming year, it is also a call to action for the whole of society, for local communities, families and for individuals, who can take simple steps to look after their own wellbeing and the wellbeing of those around them, and can reach out for support, including from mental health services when necessary. We want this plan to be delivered with the same spirit of ambition, creativity, compassion and collective effort that has characterised the nation’s response to the pandemic’s threat.”

Nadine Dorries MP
Minister for Patient Safety, Suicide Prevention and Mental Health

The Rt Hon Penny Mordaunt MP
Paymaster General

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