GLAD Study

GLAD stands for Genetic Links to Anxiety and Depression.

Since the launch of GLAD in the Autumn of 2018 nearly 37,000 people across the UK have completed the sign-up questionnaire.

The study recruits individuals who have experienced any depressive or anxiety disorder at some point in their lives. Out of 36,888 participants the majority report a diagnosis of major depressive disorder (88%) and/or a diagnosis of generalised anxiety disorder (76%). In the future the researchers would like to recruit individuals without these disorders to act as a comparison group.

(I am one of those who have taken part in this study – Amanda)


This study has been running during the pandemic. It has found that around 50 % of the participants have self-reported a worsening of anxiety and depression symptoms since the start of the pandemic. For more information about this study go to the GLAD website. If you’re interested in joining you can send an email to [email protected] (I am participating in this study too! – Amanda)

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