Financial Difficulties and Secondary Mental Health Care Research Report

From Money and Mental Health Policy Institute

This report entitled “Not a Secondary Issue:  Preventing and Resolving financial difficulties for people in Secondary Mental Health Care”

examines the extent to which people in secondary mental health care – such as Community Mental Health Teams and psychiatric hospitals – face financial difficulty and how far these services sufficiently meet the financial needs of people in their care.

The research indicated that:

  • More than eight in ten (86%) of respondents experienced financial harm while under secondary mental health care – with seven in ten (72%) reporting that they struggled to pay for essentials, such as food and heating
  • Eight in ten (81%) respondents found that their crisis or relapse prevention plan did not mention personal finance – with four in five (79%) feeling that help in managing their finances would have led to a better outcome
  • Only half (53%) of respondents who had received treatment from Community Mental Health Teams had disclosed how their financial circumstances were impacting their mental health

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