Dear GP Zine Issue 2 – Every Mental Health Professional Should Read This!

For those of us with lived experience it is both very funny and quite sad and concerning at the same time.

“Dear GP issue 2 is finally here!

Download here and let them know what you think on social media using the hashtag #DearGP.

Dear GP is a collection of letters written about our encounters with mental health professionals, in the style of a clinical evaluation. These ‘clinic letters‘ are usually written by the professional to the patient’s GP and copied in to the patient (if you’re lucky). Their function is to provide an assessment of the patient, a working or firm diagnosis, and the treatment plan. Frequently, however, they read as a personal attack on our very beings. Value judgements about a patient are concealed within medical or psychological jargon, insignificant details are recorded without explanation, and inaccuracies, misinterpretations and distortions are abundant. “

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