I have been participating in the COPING study filling in questionnaires about my mood etc. since nearly the beginning of the pandemic. This is run by King’s College London and now they have secured nearly £3 million to launch the COVID-19 Clinical Neuroscience Study.

“Covid-19 has been associated with neurological and/or psychiatric complications in 1/3 of hospitalised patients. COVID-CNS intends to investigate underlying mechanisms to find new treatments by sampling adults 16 and over, who have or have not experienced these types of complications after being diagnosed with COVID-19 including encephalopathy, encephalitis, catatonia, psychosis, stroke, and Parkinsonism.

These are often otherwise unexplained (i.e. excluding risk factors/hypoxia/iatrogenic causes) and often occur in younger patients. Survivors frequently report cognitive impairment, fatigue and depression. The limited regenerative capacity of the brain means these complications may cause lifelong disability.”


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