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The Centre for Mental Health recently published their latest forecast of Covid-19’s impact on the nation’s mental health:

“It’s a deeply concerning picture, which confirms our prediction that some 10 million people in England will need mental health support as a direct result of the pandemic. It also sheds more light on the groups who are most likely to need support, including carers and people who have been hospitalised or bereaved as a result of Covid-19.
Our analysis shows that the number of people who will need mental health support is three times higher than the current capacity of mental health services in England. So it is absolutely paramount that the Government and NHS take urgent action now to meet the very steep increase in demand for mental health support. Please join us in this call by sharing our work across your own networks!”

Queen’s Speech offers mixed picture for public’s mental health, says Centre for Mental Health

“The Queen’s Speech today includes some significant proposals that could benefit the public’s mental health but with some major gaps and some serious concerns,” Centre for Mental Health chief executive Sarah Hughes said.”

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