Campaign to end serious harm and deaths in the benefits system

Report: We’re just numbers to them – The DWP failure to investigate death and serious harm
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“Read the full report here.
We are campaigning to end serious harm and deaths in the benefits system. Our latest report, “We’re just numbers to them” – The DWP’s failure to investigate death and serious harm, highlights the experiences of the people being desperately failed by the welfare system.
Many people, particularly those with existing mental health problems, find the experience of navigating the benefits system difficult and distressing. This can make people more unwell, sometimes to the point where they feel compelled to harm themselves or try to end their lives.
To explore these issues further, we conducted a survey to find out more about the harm people have experienced as a result of their interactions with the benefits system, and how the DWP responded. This report is based on the responses to that survey and detailed interviews with eight survey respondents.
Take action to stop benefit deaths, and write to the Secretary of State and your MP here.”

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