Bipolar UK March Conference on YouTube


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From their Conference on 30th March have a look at these videos and get a taste of what is going on in the Bipolar community.


Welcome from Channel 4’s “A Place in the Sun” Leah Charles- King and a charity update from Simon Kitchen, Bipolar UK CEO

Update about the new Bipolar Commission Report from Dr Clare Dolman, Prof Guy Goodwin and Simon Kitchen

5 Breakout Sessions

Creativity and bipolar: experiences of Black and Ethnic Minorities
Prof Femi Oyebode, Georgina Bobb, Keido Bond, Leah Charles-King

Global Action on bipolar
led by Prof Allan Young, Prof Bruno Etain, Monty Ghitter, Susana Bluwol

What does self-care look like for men who have bipolar?
Session led by Ben Sewell, Dr Nick Prior, James Harrop and Jeremy Clark

Women with bipolar in TV drama 
Led by Naomi Stringer, Natasha Naomi Rea and Sarah Owen

Coming out: is it easier to tell people you’ve got bipolar or that you’re LGBTQ+?
Session led by April Kelley, Dana Eagle and Dylan Holloway

Centre stage interview and wrap up

International author and researcher, Prof Kay Redfield Jamison interviewed by Emma Belle

Closing remarks from Simon Kitchen and Leah Charles-King


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