Bipolar Mood Tracker App from Bipolar UK

Introducing our new Mood Tracker app

“Our new Mood Tracker app can make it much easier to record your daily mood, medications, emotions and how much sleep you’ve had, allowing you to:

  • track your mood and sleep patterns over weeks and months
  • spot any early warning signs of a relapse
  • collect data to share with your family and healthcare team

All your data is completely private as it’s stored on your device and not shared with anyone else.

Please note that apps are not a substitute for professional care.

It takes 10 minutes set up the Bipolar UK Mood Tracker app: 

  • Download the ‘Bipolar UK Mood Tracker app’ on your phone or tablet via the Apple Store or GooglePlay.
  • Find your way around the app with our App Tutorial.
  • If you have a diagnosis of bipolar, you can skip this step. If you don’t yet have a diagnosis of bipolar, take our simple screening test. Simply answer the questions by ticking yes or no. This evidence-based questionnaire will tell you whether or not further medical assessment for bipolar disorder is recommended. It takes less than five minutes to complete.
  • Log your daily medications – name, dosage and number of times a day you take it.
  • Click on ‘Set Notification Time’ to set a daily reminder at your preferred time to prompt you to update your details every day.

It takes two minutes to use the Bipolar UK Mood Tracker app daily: We would be grateful for your feedback to help us make this app as useful as possible for the bipolar community. Once you’ve been using it for a while, please use the ‘feedback’ button to let us know what you think.

Bipolar UK would like to say a huge thank you to Andrew Thompson for donating his time and expertise to develop this app. 

Comms Team, Bipolar UK

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