Able Futures – Support for People at work

Able Futures provides support to the people working and living with mental health difficulties, employers and providers of apprenticeships.

It is a nationwide specialist partnership set up to provide the Access to Work Mental Health Support Service on behalf of the Department for Work and Pensions.

It can help someone to manage their mental health at work so that more good days can be enjoyed.

Up to nine months advice and guidance from a mental health specialist are offered. They can help someone to learn coping mechanisms, build resilience, access therapy or work with their employer to make adjustments to help mental health at work. 

Able Futures can be called free on 0800 321 3137 from 8am to 10.30pm, Monday to Friday to find out more about online mental health support. 

It could be available to you if you can answer “yes” to the following questions:

  • Are you aged 16 or over?
  • Are you in work, on an apprenticeship, about to start work or furloughed?
  • Do you live in Great Britain?
  • Do you have mental health difficulties that impact upon your work?

This list is not exhaustive and it is ultimately up to the Department of Work and Pensions Access to Work Mental Health Support Service adviser to determine eligibility.

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