Mental Health Awareness Training in Gillingham

Gillingham Rural Mental Health Campaign – Support is Always Within Reach

‘We are very pleased to confirm that mental health awareness training sessions will be taking place at Gillingham Methodist Church The first one will be on  Wednesday 5th October, 1pm-5pm as part of our rural mental health campaign.

The sessions are open to anyone in or around Gillingham, as well as those in organisations that may have regular contact with people in this community.

Become Mental Health Aware

 This is an introductory course designed to increase mental health awareness and give an understanding of how to look after wellbeing and challenge stigma.

It covers:

  • What mental health is and how to challenge stigma
  • A basic knowledge of some common mental health issues
  • An introduction to looking after your own mental health and maintaining wellbeing
  • Confidence to support someone in distress or who may be experiencing a mental health issue

It will be run as a half day session, through presentation, group discussions and workshop activities. Numbers are limited to ensure the instructor can keep everyone sage and supported while they learn. After they complete the session they will receive a certificate to state they are now mental health aware, a manual to which they can refer to when need and a workbook including a helpful toolkit to support your own mental health.

Please find the Eventbrite links for the session below and we would be grateful if you could distribute these link to those who are interested in joining this training session.

Gillingham Methodist Church – 5/10/22:


Dorset’s Suicide Prevention Group is a multi-agency group working together to prevent all deaths by suicide. The group is made up of organisations from the community, voluntary and charity sector working hand in hand with statutory organisations including NHS services, local councils, public health, police and fire services.

Dorset has a suicide prevention strategy. It is the shared vision of all partners signed up to the suicide prevention strategy that “no one of any age living in Dorset will reach the point where they feel or believe that they have no other choice but to attempt suicide or to end their life by suicide”.

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